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 We provide counseling for Adults, Adolescents, and Families. Counseling provides a safe place to talk over your difficulties with someone with experience in helping people. Additionally, counseling can provide clarity in your decision-making and a healthy place to brainstorm about ideas on what to try next.

We provide counseling to individuals dealing with various issues. If you are needing quality counseling services, then you are looking in the right place. Want to know what other issues our therapists have experience in?People come to counseling for different reasons. Some are wanting to look at why they are reacting the way they are to a current situation. Others may have specific disorders that they are having difficulty managing. Still others are having a lot of difficulties in their life that they are trying to manage. Whatever the situation, our experienced therapists can help you. 


    Addiction Recovery

    Parenting Skills

    Stress Management

    Anger Management

    Arlington Teen Anger Management

    Arlington Teen First Offender Class

    Substance Use Evaluation

    Individual Counseling

    Pre-Marital Counseling

    Couples Counseling

    Marital Counseling

    Grief and Loss

    DWI Education

    DWI Intervention Program

    Drug Offender Education





Do people often tell you that you need to calm down, that you curse too much, that yell a lot, do your children, family members, or friends tell you that your hurting them, are being too rough? Have you found yourself feeling misunderstood,tense, have a hard time expressing what really is on your mind, and you find yourself drinking or smoking just to keep calm?  If you could say yes to any of those scenarios then anger may be plaguing your life. 

Anger may be controlling the way you sleep, eat, and feel. Anger can cause high blood pressure, depression, and many other health-related illnesses.  Many  aren't even aware that they are angry. Here at B.W.C. we have dedicated ourselves to developing a program that will allow you to recognize and normailze anger. Anger is a healthy emotion, our goal is to teach you acceptable ways of expressing anger. By gaining a better self-understanding we will help to better your stress management skills and improve your emotional intelligence.


Don't let anger get in the way of your health and happiness contact us, and take back your life today!

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